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The Path To Peace in the World

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When the Women of the Third World are in control of their own bodies, money, education, love life, health, happiness, opportunities, and destiny:

There will be Peace in the World


The Third World Woman Project

The concept of this idea is to be the “United Way” of Women’s projects around the globe.  As many of the groups that help third world women are small, their ability to raise funds is proportionally small also.  It is the intention of The Third World Woman Project to be the fund raiser for these smaller organizations around the world.  We will seek out groups that are helping women in the third world and help fund them with money, supplies, or volunteers as is appropriate.   


We will be searching primarily for organizations that assist individuals or small communities directly to improve their lives through the creation of sustainable activity.  For example projects that get women growing their own food whether animal or plant , creating local industries that women can do from their homes and earn money, clean water projects, the education of women, and women’s health issues.
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Third World Women’s Groups
Possible Groups Elgible For Assistance (Partial List)

Kiva: Loans That Do More

Women For Women:

Woman’s Bean Project:

Give Us Wings:

Zimbabwe Artists Project:


World Vision Micro:


Women Thrive Worldwide:
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